Complete, Engaging Video Lessons
from Expert Teachers, K–12

Perfect for Busy Families & Multiple Children

You won’t have to juggle lessons anymore or scramble to fit everything in. 


Provides Teaching You Can Trust

Dedicated Christian teachers with years of experience make “doing school” fun.


Keeps You Involved… But Not Overwhelmed

You’ll still be there to witness the light bulb come on and see what your kids need help with—minus the pressure of being responsible for every single detail.

Save Time & Cut Down on Stress with Learning Children Love

 Simplify your homeschooling by not having to be the only teacher.

 Choose streaming or DVD for convenience.

 Get the option of an accredited education at NO EXTRA COST.

Video Sample

After starting homeschooling I found that I wanted to do so much with my children in every subject. Now I have more time to do all the creative things without losing the foundation I wanted for my children.   —Tamara  B.

Add Creativity

Easy-to-Use Video Dashboard

No Missing Out

You’re still right there with your kids.


You know what they’re learning.


The only difference is you don’t have to be the only teacher. 

Affordable 6-month payment plans available for K5–12th grade.

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Do More

It was a great fit for us. My daughter is learning lots and it has enabled me to do more with my younger children.   —Lee  S.

I loved it and so did my son. It was good for him to be challenged by other children his age.   —David  H.

Engage Your Kids

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